What will I do for you?

If you have a child who has social, emotional, developmental, or educational issues due to special needs, then I can be of service to you. My firm concentrates on supporting parents whose children have:

• ADD • Speech/Language Disorders
• ADHD • Behavioral Issues
• Learning Disabilities • Health Issues Resulting in a 504
• Vision or Hearing Impairments • Autism
• Emotional Issues • Mentally Challenged Abilities
• Visual / Auditory Processing Issues • Physically Handicapped

If your school district IS NOT MEETING YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATIONAL NEEDS, perhaps an advocate can work with you to obtain the results you want and need so your child can experience academic success. Children deserve the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge each and every day at school. Do not let them sit in a classroom where they do not understand what is being taught….and then receive D’s and F’s.

As an advocate, I will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your concerns

• Coordinate with your child’s other service providers outside the school setting

• Review all pertinent school, medical, and academic records to help you determine which academic programs would benefit your child

• Join with you when you meet with the school’s IEP team as it develops a rich, rewarding academic plan for your child

• Review the IEP after it has been finalized. If the plan has not been successful, we will meet with the team to make changes.

• Recommend new strategies to help compensate for your child’s disability

• Be sure that your child is being educated in a classroom that is appropriate for his/her needs

• Collaborate with school personnel on Behavior Support Plans

• If your school district does not comply with the IEP, then we would file a “due process” claim at the State Department of Education